When In Rome…

Summer 2016


Rome at night is a sight to be had. Although my trip was cut short because of the earthquake that hit while I was standing in front of this glorious fountain, I am blessed to have experience such a sight.  I had plans to stay in Rome, and walk about the city, but I was rushed back to my hotel for safety reasons. I learned greatly things about myself that night, and about this gorgeous place. I learned that I am stronger than I have ever given myself credit for. That once hit with an emergency I no longer fall apart. I also learned that night that I am deeply loved. I learned that Italian’s really do dress well even as Uber drivers. I learned that wine is not for just drinking, but it should be used to cleanse the mouth before “Saying something nice”. I also learned that if you are going to go anywhere alone, always, always go to Rome.






DSC00508 (2).JPG



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