Manhattan, New York., July 12, 2016.


Here we are 15 years later in the city that broke us apart, and I managed to capture one of those most fascinating events in NYC beside the ball dropping in Time Square on New Years Eve. Who knew we would get to this point? I spend 15 year looking for someone like you, and failed miserable. I have to be honest…I loved him because he reminded me of you. He smiled, walked and danced like you.  I loved him, even though he never deserved me, and then you came back into my life, and aside from the two wars, and the failed relationships we both have had, you’ve always chosen me.

Our love is complicated, but it has always been kind. And being here with you has made these last 15 years worth it. I am happy to have had this moment with you in this beautiful city, during this time of year, capturing this magical sunset which doesn’t come every day.  These are once in a life time moments, and I am glad the memory of you will be behind this picture always.



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