Freeing Io

St. Petersburg, FL., April 16, 2016


I dreamt of this day forever, and as always forever came too soon. It was in St. Petersburg, where I was set free myself from fear, doubt and unanswered questions. I was set free from the sound of your voice, the sweat from your brow and the way you looked at me in the mornings. If I never come back to this town it will be just fine because I have now seen all I needed and closure never tasted so good on my lips.

Mercury, the son of Jupiter and Maia, was the messenger of the gods. He is usually represented with his winged sandals (telaria) and a winged cap (petasus). Here, Mercury helps Jupiter to free his lover Io, who was being watched by the monster Argus. Argus’ body was covered with one thousand eyes, some of which were open at all times. Mercury told long dull tales and played on his pipes until Argus went to sleep so deeply, that he closed all of his eyes. Mercury killed him, freeing Io.


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