Wu My Moon

Miami Dade County  11/25/2015


At some point the moon had to make it’s way into this blog, right? Winter 2015, I mended my relationship with this beautiful blessing in the sky. Because the moon, the stars and everything in between are the things I love most about life. It was fitting that after falling in love with my life again, I would go back to one of the things I enjoyed the most at night. I spent a year taking pictures of the moon, and created a series which you can follow on IG: @WuMyMoon,. I also took pictures of la luna on my travels, so I hope you enjoy them all.  Let me know which one is your favorite. Mine is the full moon over Pont Alexander III in Paris.

I’m a student of just one master,
I’m only afraid of one monster,
I stand — illuminated…


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